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  • Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions Cracked nipples, low milk supply, sore nipples, engorgement, mastitis, leaky breasts, nursing strike, thrush, hyperactive letdown, nipple confusion, nursing on one breast, weaning and much more!
  • Natural Remedies - Hundreds of natural breastfeeding diet SECRETS and TIPS doctors recommend! Benefits of breastfeeding, how to breastfeed, and natural remedies for common breastfeeding problems!
  • 38 Complete Chapters - Secrets new moms need to know to avoid common breastfeeding problems including benefits, diet, tips, myths, how to guides, positions, problems, creating your nursing area and lots of other great advice!

» breastfeeding diet tips

breastfeeding diet tips

breastfeeding diet tips

breastfeeding diet tips

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The secret tips for increasing breast milk supply that I've learned from years of working in hospitals with breast specialists

The real reasons that lead to sore breasts and cracked nipples, plus the simple steps required to avoid this problem

A simple, free procedure you can do yourself to treat and prevent mastitis breast infections (very important to know)

Proven step-by-step breastfeeding methods that ensure your baby receives the most nutritional milk and not just first stage fluids

Precise instructions for breastfeeding positions, including methods that most mothers aren't even aware of

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At Last… Simple Step By Step Guide to Treating Any Breastfeeding Problem In Minutes!

breastfeeding problems

I am going to start sharing with you several cures for common breastfeeding problems that may be causing you pain and discomfort. Then you are going to discover the truth about keeping you and your baby healthy with home remedies prepared in minutes. Finally we will talk about the importance of breastfeeding positions to help eliminate sore nipples...

These proven methods have been around since before modern medicine, they are passed down through the generations and I personally vouch for all of them. These same remedies we highly recommend to new mothers in the hospital.

Simple Proven Remedies for Instant Relief !

Dealing with Low Milk Supply

breastfeeding low milk supply

Babies are meant to be breastfeed and not having enough milk can be frustrating and upsetting for both you and your baby. Low milk supply means the baby is not getting enough nutrition. As a mother, you want to give your child the very best and not having enough milk will make you very upset...Don’t worry, you are not alone! Having low milk supply does not necessarily mean that you will be forced to resort to alternate feeding methods.

The key is to constantly remind your body what you need, reminding your breasts that they need to be working for you and your baby. If you are breast pumping or feeding on a regular basis then your body will know that it needs to continue to reproduce better and more often.

I know first hand what it’s like trying to increase breast milk supply and how it is a common problem for many other mothers. That is the reason why I created an entire section in my book on low milk supply so you can have many different breastfeeding tips and positions for increasing your breast milk…

Find the best daily routine to encourage milk supply!

How to stop leaky breasts?

how to stop leaky breasts

I’ve heard many moms saying I had no idea that milk would leak and even feeling surprised and embarrassed in public situations! I still laugh with my sister remembering the day she called me on the phone and said “You don’t know what happened to me today in a taxi, I leaked like an old roof on a rainy day!”

Yes, leaky breasts are one of the side effects of pregnancy; your body begins to produce milk in anticipation of feeding for your new baby. It is perfectly normal and it will happen that occasionally, your breasts may leak a little bit of fluid even before delivery.

When your body is producing milk, it is natural for your breasts to drip, leak and sometimes even spray milk! It takes some time for nursing moms to manage the milk and almost all new mothers are confronted and must deal with some degree of Breast Milk Leakage...

Here are some tips:

  • Get disposable pads for ease of use or look into some washable cotton pads (better for the environment).
  • Always avoid pads with plastic or waterproof liners since they trap moisture and get pretty funky fast.
  • Since you are already getting up enough for feedings, consider sleeping on a large nursing pad or towel, you save sleep and laundry...
Read more on creative ways to avoid leaky breasts situations...

Baby Feeding on One Breast?

breastfeeding positioning

There may be different reasons for a baby to refuse one breast to another, some may be temporary while others may become a recurring or even permanent problem.

Engorgement may discourage a child from trying to eat since they have to open their mouth even wider and have a difficult time latching on altogether. Poor form with your latching technique may also be to blame.

It may be that one side simply has more milk than the other and is therefore more appealing for the baby. Some experts relate a baby’s breast preference as being the same as the hand preference of the mother. There could be also a distinctive difference between one breast and another – a mole, a hair, more lumps, etc.

During my career in nursing I always advice new mothers that they should alternate breasts for an even amount of time. Reason is to make them both able to produce an even supply of milk. It is important during the first few months of nursing that you continue to be persistent and offer both breasts during regular feedings.

If low milk supply on one breast is the reason then you might need to do some additional pumping on that side to increase a greater supply of food for your baby. Your body needs to be sent the message that you are still planning to nurse on the other breast…

This is just a few paragraphs from my ebook, read the full article along with causes and solutions

Does your baby has a tongue or lip thrush?

breastfeeding thrush

Check out some of the common questions moms asked when they found a few white spots on the babies tongue or lips:

  • “How come there’s always something in his mouth? It looks like cottage cheese or milk cruds, it appeared in patches. My baby has problems swallowing, I don't know what to do!?”
  • "I tried to clean his mouth with a Q tip and the spots disappeared and reappear the next day. I rubbed it off again and a few hours later I noticed some red spots where the white spots used to be...Isn’t this the process of healing? But healing from what?”
  • "The spots are still there and my baby started getting fussy while eating. What is going on?”

There is a possibility that babies can get yeast infection from the mother during Birth. If you have had a vaginal yeast infection lately or even long time ago...

Baby’s immune system is almost nonexistent when they are born, no matter how careful you are washing your hands and nipples before and after every feeding...

Baby Thrush, as the condition is called, is not life threatening, and sometimes goes away by itself. But if you rub it, it can become painful and bothersome and prevent the baby from nursing normally...If the thrush is not treated, a yeast infection can appear in the diaper as well. The baby’s internal balance is disturbed, and so yours.

I wanted to find a natural way to treat it, treat it inside our bodies and out. After some research I found out that breastfeeding thrush could be cured at home, with a natural remedy that has helped millions of mothers without having to go to the doctor…

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