About Us

NewBreastFeeding.com is currently surveying new mothers for an upcoming publication focused on the main problems and solutions related to breastfeeding.

Our research has shown that young mothers encounter a wide range of problems with breastfeeding their new born babies, so based upon the issues that our audience shares with us via the survey our writers will compile exact solutions into the soon to be released book.

Put simply, our aim is to understand the main breastfeeding problems that exist so we can research and publish all of the necessary anwers and solutions that will make the process of breastfeeding painless and care free.

Vision & Mission

To become the #1 authority source of advice, news, tips and tricks for breastfeeding mothers.


We actively seek your input and ideas on everything on this website.  Ideas we should write about?  Want to share your personal bachelorette experiences or photos?  Send them over!

Office location and hours:

Currently we are based in the US and aiming to make the website international through translation services 24/7.

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